What's New

23 May 2021

We have released two kinds of new puzzles, Beauy Kruse and 6 Board Burr 5x8 #02.

two new puzzles

9 Mar 2021

We have put five puzzles up for eBay auction.

Auction puzzles

The next release of our regular puzzle product is Saturday 13th March 07:00 (A.M.) Brisbane time.

27 Dec 2020

We have released four new puzzles, two kinds of Crooked 6 Piece Burr, Wormhole Burr, and Juno's Arrow.

four new puzzles

29 Nov 2020

Our new web shop is now open.

4 Oct 2020

We have released SDBB Master, the most complicated sequential discovery puzzle we have ever produced.

SDBB Master

20 Sep 2020

We have put two of the 2nd grade and three of the Pine versions of SDBB Masters up for auction on eBay auction.

We are going to donate half of the sold amount of this auction to Koala Hospital.

SDBB Masters

30 Aug 2020

We have released Southern Cross that has unique level 14 solution.

Southern Cross

19 Jul 2020

We have released Coin Case, the simplest puzzle box Juno has ever designed.

Coin Case

16 Feb 2020

We have released three kinds of Pinned Framed Burrs.

Pinned Framed Burrs

19 Jan 2020

Loopy L Cube #3 is now available on our web shop. The puzzle is the hardest among the three Loopy L Cube series.

Loopy L Cube #3

26 Dec 2019

We have released two new puzzles, Ring Case and Unbalanced 6 Board Burr.

two new puzzles