What's New

29 October 2023

We have released new burr puzzle Neptune.


6 August 2023

We have released Scramb L, a 5-piece packing puzzle that takes 17 moves to get the first piece out of the box.

Scramb L

18 June 2023

We have released new sequential discovery puzzle Dial Case.

Dial Case

7 May 2023

Strugg L is our latest puzzle consisting of only 6 L-shaped pieces but requires 23 moves to take the first pieces out.

Strugg L

5 March 2023

We have released Grooved 6 Board Burr #7 and 6BB Oddly Extended Version #02.

two new puzzles

25 December 2022

We have released three kinds of new burr puzzles, Euroka 10x3, Half Splitted 12 and Pseudo Stretchy 12.

three new puzzles

6 November 2022

We have released very difficult burr puzzle Ovoloid.