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12 Mar 2017

"T-Slot Burr", a level 18-8-1-1-3 complex seven piece burr is now on sale!

T-Slot Burr

7 Mar 2018

We have put three "T-Slot Burr" puzzles up for auction on eBay.

A half of the sales of the puzzle will be donated to an organization to support wildlife in Australia..

T-Slot Burr

21 Feb 2018

We have released our fourth puzzle box product Ixia Box! The box is more like a sequential discovery puzzle requiring several steps to reach the goal.

Ixia Box

18 Jan 2018

Mirii CFT, very complex polyhedral shape interlocking burr puzzle is now on sale!

Mirii CFT

13 Jan 2018

We have put four puzzles up for auction on eBay! A half of the sales of the puzzle will be donated to the AWLQ (Animal Welfare League Queensland) to save stray and surrendered pets. We are looking forward to you joining our auction!

eBay auction

7 Dec 2017

We have released our third puzzle box product Club Case! Hope you enjoy the tricks of the puzzle and gorgeous grain and texture of the timbers.

Club Case

4 Dec 2017

Yukari has been making 1/12 scale miniature furniture, and started selling them on her shop PluredroAnnex on Etsy.

PluredroAnnex on Etsy

11 Nov 2017

Mirii 4x3, nice looking non-orthogonal puzzle is now on sale!

Mirii 4x3

4 Nov 2017

Our online shop accepts multi-currency payment and it saves our customers about 3% from each payment.

26 Oct 2017

Our third polyhedral shape interlocking puzzle Reza 4-4 is now on sale!

Reza 4-4

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