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8 Oct 2017

"A Mazing Burr", funny and weird six piece burr is now on sale!

A Mazing Burr

28 Sep 2017

We have put three "A Mazing Burr" puzzles up for auction on eBay.

The sales of the puzzle will be donated to the AWLQ to save stray and surrendered pets.

A Mazing Burr

11 Sep 2017

Our twelfth product is Visible Framed Burr, diabolically difficult level 24 burr puzzle.

Visible Framed Burr

29 Aug 2017

This is our second puzzle box producet. Diamond Case can be opened with two major tricks. Since the puzzle is designed by Juno, the tricks are weird and unusual.

Diamond Case

3 Jul 2017

Both of Pisa #2 + Cubin Burr have unique solution. We sell these two puzzles as a set since Cubin Burr is designed to contain a cube inside and Pisa #2 is good candidate puzzle for the purpose.

Pisa #2 + Cubin Burr

24 Jun 2017

It's a burr and a puzzle box. Framed Burr Box has three challenges, solve the framed burr part, open the box and then disassemble the box.

Framed Burr Box

11 Jun 2017

There are two puzzle challenges in Penta Cuboid + T-groove Box. Both puzzles have unique solution. Make a cube using all the twelve pieces of Penta Cuboid and then put it into T-groove box.

Penta Cuboid + T-groove Box

13 Mar 2017

Our next puzzle product was named Pseudo Ovolo in honor of Yavuz Demirhan's puzzle Ovolo.

Pseudo Ovolo at Pluredro Shop

This interlocking burr puzzle requires tricky 13 moves to take the first piece apart from the assembled shape.

18 Feb 2017

6 piece interlocking burr puzzle Aussie Crystal is available now at our shop.

Aussie Crystal at Pluredro Shop

This is the easiest puzzle product in our shop at this moment though it is still difficult and it requires six moves to take the first piece apart from the assembled shape.

1 Feb 2017

We have released our new product Windmill Burr #2, interlocking burr puzzle, please visit our shop and have a look for the detail.

Windmill Burr #2 at Pluredro Shop

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